From the Pre-Roll Masters @ Futurola, introducing the legendary new TYSON RANCH x FUTUROLA. Because a quality product deserves a quality roll.
Experience the sensation with revolutionary new, tobacco-free Blunt Cones and Blunt Wraps infused with natural terpenes inspired by Mike Tyson’s favorite, The Toad.

The Origin of Futurola

Futurola was born from Future Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 1996. Our love for cones started with the original Futurola King Size Cone Roller, created by our Founders.
The essence of Futurola is exquisite Rolling Paper, the bridge between our historic Rolling Accessories and iconic Pre-Rolled Production System.

Mastering The Art of Pre-Rolled Production

Futurola’s exclusive production vertical, designed and developed in Los Angeles, California, boasts a comprehensive 4-step system to maximize production levels.
From shredding and destemming 5 pounds in 7 seconds, to filling 300 Pre-Rolls in 90 seconds, and sealing certified-child resistant Cone Lock™ Tubes in tamper-evident shrink sleeves, we provide all the essentials for success.

Maximizing Production Volumes

In this fast-paced, constantly expanding industry, productivity is everything. It brings us great pleasure to watch our clients grow and succeed through the implementation of our innovations. We know that your time is money, and your friends at Futurola have made it our business to ensure that you have a little more of both.

We Are Here For You

A COVID-19 update from your Futurola family.
We wish you wellness in these trying times. Thank you to all of the magnificent, courageous workers who are manning the frontlines of this pandemic to keep our nation running and return us to a state of health.
We are committed to our part in keeping you stocked with essentials by working remotely & shipping frequently. Rest assured that you can contact our Client Relations Department with any questions you may have regarding our services during regular business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm PST).